Based on recent international prevalence data, it is estimated that 1 in 6 children, aged five to sixteen years old and 1 in 5 seventeen to twenty-two year olds, in Jersey, are likely to have a mental health disorder.

Busy Beans Nursery is fully supportive of the Governments ‘Children and Young People Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy 2021-2025 & The Best Start for Children in Jersey’ (https://beststart.je/)

We know by introducing skills to children to assist them in regulating their thoughts and feelings at the earliest opportunity, leads to healthier children and positive outcomes. 

“The rationale for early intervention is strong ,it is easier to build strong children than it is to fix broken adults.” Frederick Douglass 

Decider skills empower children and young people by helping them recognise their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, allowing them to monitor and manage their own emotional and mental health. 

This will impact not just our children, but our society as a whole. 

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